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that lunch eating pose. i missed it. <3

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                 He had been devastatingly injured —— taken by surprise and
                 attacked while his defenses were down, and his offense was
                 top priority. Blind-sided, if you will… a cheap shot, that ended
                 up wounding him more than originally estimated. A black ring
                 is circling around his peripheral vision —— a faint dizziness
                 then clouding his senses, as a blurriness slips in and out of
                 focus then. There’s a spike in spiritual pressure then… one
                 in which the Quincy can only feel very briefly. A familiar feeling,
                 nonetheless —— friendship. Then the warm glow envelopes
                 his being, and his fingers shakily curl inward… before his own
                 weak appendages and limbs give up, and it falls limp once
                 more, against the cracked asphalt.

                              ❝ Inoue-san——… ❞

             ⌈⌈ he was moving. breathing.
                  speaking. that was good.
                  relief washes into her
                  concern, and she smiles
                  as bits of his wounds start
                  to disappear, like bits of
                  paper tearing off in the
                  wind.                                        ⌋⌋

                           ❝Try not to move. I have
                                you, Ishida-kun.

             ⌈⌈ the words are more a
                  statement of fact than a
                  comfort. she’s confident,
                  at least, in her ability to fix
                  this, fix him. that thing
                  wasn’t in sight and that..
                  that should worry her, but
                  the moment she gives in to
                  doubt and fear is the
                  moment that may cost
                  ishida his life and she can
                  not allow that to happen. her
                  brows knit softly together,
                  gaze flickering between him
                  and their surroundings.         ⌋⌋


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          Name: I don’t give it out because I’ve had stalkers
          Nickname: Pup
          Birthday: Oct. 25
          Gender: ??????? physically I am woman
          Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
          Height: 5’2
          Time Zone: EST
          What time & date is it there: August 3, 2:56 pm 
          Average hours of sleep I get each night: 4, 5 hours
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          Sasusaku + Naruhina (when I actually kept up with Naruto orz), 
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          The last thing I googled was: TLOU Remastered Photo Mode

          My most used phrase/phrases: Don’t touch me.
          First word that comes to my mind: Word.
          What I last said to a family member: ”The dishwasher wasn’t
          run all week, how is that my fault?”
          One place that makes me happy & why: I wish I knew.
          How many blankets I sleep under: Two
          Favorite Beverage: Arizona Sweet Tea
          The last movie I watched in a cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy 
          Three things I can’t live without: Marvel Studios, Naughty Dog,
          and TellTale Games
          Something I plan on learning: Creative Writing in the
           Entertainment Industry
          A piece of advice for all my followers: Treat others how you
          want to be treated.
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                ( he’s slowly losing consciousness. )

             ⌈⌈ battlefields rarely scare
                  her, now that she knows
                  she can actually help if
                  something happened —
                  but seeing ishida like
                  this leaves her stomach
                  in knots. that blow had
                  come out of no where
                  and if that thing reached
                  town… she hakes her 
                  head, coming to a stop
                  as ayame and shonou
                  engulf her friend in a
                  warm yellow light. she
                  kneels at his side, palm
                  hovering above the soft
                  humming surface.            ⌋⌋

Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.

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first of all holy cow. second of all holy cow. i never ever in a million years expected to be met with positivity. joining a new fandom is always scary and for someone like me it&#8217;s pretty dang hard because well my self confidence is somewhere close to the seventh layer of hell. all that aside, i can not believe that i&#8217;ve hit 100+ followers in the short amount of time i&#8217;ve been here. i love each and every one of you, but there are a handful that i just absolutely adore.

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